Figure Ground

Reality Revision

an interactive music experience where viewers can explore a virtual world in which video interacts live with the music

1.Reality by Proxy
2.The Divine Play
3.Block Universe
4.Planck's Constant
5.Illusory Display
6.Fabricated Falsity
7.Sensory System
8.New Theory Of Vision
9.Five Thieves
10.Time Out of Time
11.Universal Form
12.Reality Tunnel

The Concept

What is reality? How does human perception decode sensory information to create the world we experience?

Does reality have a purpose or is reality just the product of sensory data decoded to create our journey?

With Reality Revision Figure-Ground we have focussed on the philosophical and scientific explanations of reality. The music varies from mechanical to melodic, industrial and atmospheric. The musical contrast reflects the contrasting views on the nature of reality.

The Virtual Worlds

The Figure Ground virtual worlds aim to explore the subjective reality created through experiencing audiovisual stimuli. In the "real" world, the complexity of objective reality is hidden through the evolutionary interface that guides our adaptive behavior.

You can explore the virtual worlds by clicking on a link above on the tracklist. Each of our virtual worlds presents an objective reality, generated and adapting to the audio input for each track. Upon interaction through the various interfaces, online, mobile, live performance and VR, the user experiences a subjective reality resembling synesthetic qualities.


With Reality Revision we wanted to create an experience where the viewer could explore sound and vision in a way that linked the two intrinsically. By creating exportable virtual realities that are part generated, part influenced and part driven in time to the music its self. Developing three dimensional, virtual reality archipelagos that are exportable and interactive through many different media technologies.

We wanted the viewers to be able to view these "worlds" as both a group experience, an online platform and as a sound and light installation with more intimate portals into the VR worlds based around virtual reality headsets. By using these new technologies in unusual settings and for specific digital music tracks, we are seeking to push the boundaries between music and video closer still, as the worlds generated during this ongoing project bounce, move, swing and generate randomly to the beats of the digital music they form part of.